Interior Styling

What I can do for you

I can help with styling for Airbnb listings, space planning and clutter consultancy. My work may be as simple as brainstorming small changes like, linen, cushions, rugs and lighting to create a fresh, visually appealing space. It all begins with what you would like to create or evolve within your home. Every space I design is different, because every client is unique. My motivation is to create a functional and inspiring space enhancing your homes true potential. Giving your property the right look and feel through styling and furnishing will inevitably attract regular guests.

How I charge

I believe in clever, thoughtful design driven by careful attention to the space and its needs. Simplicity is always so important. I don’t believe in wasting money on unnecessary elements, I focus on key essentials to enhance the space. A good place to start is the 1 hour long initial consultation for $180, where I provide advice and recommendations, which sometimes is all a client may need. They can then implement the ideas themselves or continue to the style concept proposal. My clients are always given a breakdown of fees for the various stages and can decide how little or how much they use my services and exactly what they will get for their money. I am able to work to a limited budget so my services are accessible to everyone.

Style concept & Setup

After the initial consultation a few days later you will receive visual concept boards and a plan for the space. This is based on an hourly rate of $55 p/h. We will look at what is useful and how the space can be improved. We will uncover your unique style and work towards creating a home that uplifts and inspires… I can then source and physically implement the changes to transform your space.

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